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prefabricated slabs

FRS Group is an Iranian manufacturer, exporter & distributor of wall tiles, floor tiles and slabs suitable for home, commercial, and industrial use. FRS Group exports tiles and slabs made from natural stone such as Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Granite, and Onyx with different colors and kinds of finishing which are not available anywhere else
Country: Iran

Manufactures and distributes tower cranes, scaffolding, prefabricated shelters, support systems, and more.
Country: Jordan

We repair reinforced concrete prefabricated homes in the uk. Of which includes, airey, stent, reema, unity, wates, tarron, hawksley, woolaway bungalow, myton and cornish PRC houses.

Specializes in prefabricated granite products including kitchen counter tops, bar tops, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, furniture and accessories.
Country: United States

Supplier of metallurgically bonded clad pipe, clad fittings and prefabricated pipe spools.
Country: United States

Supplies composite stone tiles and slabs for the commercial and domestic markets.
Country: Australia

Suppliers of marble, travertine, and lime stone in block, slabs, and tiles.
Country: Malaysia

Pours a range of jobs, from large slabs to pool surrounds.
Country: New Zealand

We appreciate this opportunity to introduce PRECAST BUILDCON INDIA PVT. LTD, an entity that undertakes construction projects with precast concrete technology. The Precast/prestressed concrete technology is the best available solution in the world for Speedy, High Quality, Durable and Reliable Construction. Further to the process of construction, we manufacture Precast / pre-stressed concrete products that includes but are not limited to 1) Precast Building Panels 2) Precast/Pre-stressed Hollow Core Slabs 3) Precast Cladding Panels 4) Precast Beams & Columns 5) Precast T & TT beam slabs for multi-level car parks 6) Staircase 7) Boundary wall, etc Precast concrete elements can also be combined with cast in-situ method, in-order to achieve desired results.
Country: India

Manufacturer of stone blocks, slabs, tiles, gravestones, fireplaces, tables and countertops, and more.
Country: China

Specialties include slabs on grade, tilt wall panels, elevated formed decks, and more.
Country: United States

Importer and wholesaler of natural stone, providing tiles or slabs for both commercial and residential projects.
Country: United States

Manufactures and supplies granites including tiles, slabs, tombstones, pavements, monuments, and handicrafts.
Country: China

Sells interlocking concrete pavers, landscape slabs, and retaining wall systems. Site also includes installation instructions for the do-it-yourselfer.
Country: United States

Lifts and levels concrete slabs to their original positions using a hydraulic system.
Country: United States

Fabrication and installation of marble and granite tiles and slabs, countertops vanities, table tops etc.
Country: United States